Private Motor Vehicle Insurance or Car Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance or car insurance contain policies which cover loss or damage to private motor vehicles, trailers and the like and include:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance - the most complete protection, covering against accident, fire, theft, and liability for damage to other cars and property.
  • Preferred Driver - if you're over the age of 24, and others under 24 won't be driving the car, you can take out Comprehensive car insurance at a discounted price.
  • Nominated Driver - offers Comprehensive insurance for a great price if there are no more than two drivers and the main driver is over the age of 21 and the second driver is over the age of 19.
  • Third Party only - covers damage you may cause to another person's car or property, but does not cover your own car. Uninsured Motorist benefit is included in this policy.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft - an extension of Third Party Only policy which also covers your car against fire and theft.

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